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A Compelling Vision for the Future

Ask yourself this question, what one attribute do all successful people have in bucket loads?

My answer: A compelling vision for the future.

Successful people, regardless of their profession, be it business, sport, music or the arts, all have a laser-like focus and a compelling vision for the future. They have a clear understanding of what they want. What do you want? What is your vision?

Successful people are, in their own way, disciplined, set challenging goals and develop plans to reach those goals and provide every opportunity to convert their vision to reality.

Life becomes really amazing when you know what you truly want. It is only when you know what this is, that you are able to put every part of yourself into achieving it.

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When the Struggle Gets Real, Passion is what you Feel

What does being passionate mean to you?

Ask any successful person and they will say that they are passionate. They have a genuine and dedicated commitment for what they do. They would, most likely, say they would do it even if they weren’t getting paid.

Australia has a long and successful history in swimming events at the Olympics. Think of any gold medal winner and their post-race interview, when they are asked, what does this mean to you? They will invariably talk about the hours and hours swimming up and down the pool, following that black line. Of early starts in winter, before the sun gets up, early nights in bed and weekends away at carnivals when their friends are partying. They sacrifice so much for this moment of success.

Passionate people, who have had success in their area of excellence are all the same. They have sacrificed something for their success, they have fought on, when the struggle gets real. Passion is most evident when you are up against the wall and the struggle gets real.

You can’t fake passion. You will know how passionate you are when the going gets tough.

The values that you expect are the values that you get

Successful organisations are characterised as having a set of shared values that everyone in the organisation accepts and demonstrates through their behaviour and professional standards. The organisations values are much more than simply a buzz-phrase at brainstorming session.

The values of the organisation are the personality of the organisation and often the first impression of your brand.

Football Clubs are an great example of values at work. In recent years, the Melbourne Storm have set the standard when it comes to expectations of performance. The Storm have been able to demonstrate an ability to consistently perform at the top of the competition, year after year, despite playing in one of the toughest competitions in the world.

Nevertheless, their expectations of behaviour both on and off the field are very high. This creates an environment where players demonstrate a level of professionalism and on-field success that has been rivalled by none. These expectations start at the very top, from the Club Executive, coaching staff, the leadership and playing group. Players that don’t conform are quickly found out and either pull into line or leave the Club. The outcome is that the Melbourne Storm have a production line of quality players and support staff who understand the expectations which had led the Club to experience great success on and off the field.

How would you describe the values of your organisation?

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