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When in doubt …. KISS!

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions but last year I decided to make one, and that was, “when in doubt, KISS”. This isn’t what it sounds like, I am not going to suggest you walk around and spread the love, though if that is the way you roll then so be it. I… Read more »

Passion is … the real difference

A prospective client was checking out our website the other day and she made the following comment, “who cares about passion, everyone has passion”. I must admit I was lost for words, I mean I knew it was important to me, but why? So I asked myself the question, why is passion important to me?… Read more »

Business 101, with Andre Rieu.

Andre Rieu is currently winding up his Australian tour and I was fortunate to go to one of his concerts, a first for me! As far as my musical “pedigree” I am not an aficionado when it comes to classical music, I play guitar but my skills are equivalent to the weekend hacker at golf…. Read more »