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Pink Houses Premiere Event

 Lachie refers to these as my “Ted Talks”, so to save some time tonight. Here I go!    Tonight we are about to do, the craziest thing I have ever done, we are about to perform on stage at Lizottes, in a band that had its first rehearsal … 2 months ago today. And it… Read more »

Challenging Times Ahead: A Few Tips to Lead the Way

Well 2020… to think you were going to be a cracker of a year! How wrong we have been … so far! It has been a challenging start to 2020. Bushfires, flooding rains, drought, and now Coronavirus … like, what the hell!! Business owners are facing one of the most volatile periods in recent memory,… Read more »

Options for bookkeepers

Over the years we have had the opportunity to help fellow bookkeepers energise their careers and re-discover a long-lost passion. We have also helped bookkeepers, exit the industry, on their terms and with a little cash on the way out.   Get On, Get Back or Get Off … where are you at?  In our… Read more »

Good luck to the Class of 2019

The following was inspired by my daughter, Abbey and her graduating class-mates who have just completed their Higher School Certificate. It is not intended to be a “must do” list, but a few thoughts and lessons I have learned over the years, that I wish I had been told when I left school. They most… Read more »