Choosing the right bookkeeper for your business.

At Real Balance, we believe that all business owners should be entitled to the following;

  • Adaptable: Your bookkeeper must be able to move with the times and demonstrate that they are able to identify emerging trends and tools that can help their clients and improve how they operate their business. The emergence of cloud-based technology is a great example of this. Cloud-based systems are helping business owners make better decisions that improve business performance.
  • Available: A valuable bookkeeper is ready to work with you, even when they are not scheduled to work on your books. Available bookkeepers recognise that they are a guest in your business, and acknowledge the responsibility of handling your accounts. Your bookkeeper should be helping you ensure that your business goes off without a hitch. Your bookkeeper must realise that their engagement to you is a commitment, not a convenience.
  • Accessible: Honesty and integrity are some of the key traits of excellent bookkeepers. Your bookkeeper should be an open book.  Your bookkeeper must advise you of the key financial matters of your business, particularly matters relating to taxation, GST, superannuation and employment.
  • Approachable: You must be comfortable with your bookkeeper, and be confident to approach them to discuss your accounts. Your job is easier when you get along with the people you work with, such as your bookkeeper. In addition to being friendly, your bookkeeper should also be forthright when discussing the financials – regardless of whether your books are in a state of rain, hail or shine.
  • Aligned: Your bookkeeper should be the best supporter of your business. The ambitions, hopes and dreams of your bookkeeper must align with those of your business. A valuable bookkeeper is committed to your success!
  • Ardent: Your bookkeeper should be an ardent fan of your business. They should be passionate about what you do, and be dedicated to helping you succeed. A great bookkeeper must be committed to doing everything they can to contribute to the success of your business.
  • Authentic: What you see is what you get.

Is your bookkeeper adding to your business, or dragging it down?

Successful businesses need to be matched with successful business advisers. Are you?