Cloud Computing – Reinventing the Industrialised World

The cloud computing phenomenon has created an unbelievable demand for well-educated experts with regard to maths and engineering personnel.  The growth of roles at American giant General Electric demonstrates this.

The persons sought for such positions must be able to construct and basically manipulate information.  It is not trendy to ask about coding languages nowadays or how to cause a webpage to load more expeditiously.  The significant question, when hiring such expert technicians is:  Are you able to handle Petabytes?  The preceding is the data in approximately thirteen-billion images.  It is the amount of data that would conveniently fit into twenty-million filing cabinets. Vast amounts of data are now the norm in cloud computing.

So what is the price tag for acquiring such expert knowledge?  The yearly salary for such an expert, in the San Francisco area, is approximately $125,000 per year.  The salary is nothing out of the ordinary for an individual who has come right out of graduate school and possesses the knowledge of working with cloud technology.

The individual who acquires 5 years of relative experience can make a salary to the tune of $300,000. They are also afforded with a nice array of stock-options and job opportunities with regard to his or her area of expertise.  The additional kudos greatly accelerate the amount he or she may be paid.

The market is aggressive.  Data engineering is the place to be and a person can easily establish the thought with organizations that are considered high-end technology venues.  The sophisticated technology leaders are the places to make great money.  In support of the preceding statement, significant industrial giants such as GE need such expertise, as mentioned above, in order to understand such items as the scheduled maintenance plans of jet engines.

The hiring pitch offered by GE to cloud computing experts is that they offer a chance for the expert to rebuild the industrialized world.

During the prior 3 years, General Electric has added to its staff 1,500 software developers as well as system engineers.  They have trained about the same number of existing employees to work on cloud systems.  The cloud systems have been connected, encouragingly, to everything from jet engines to smartphones to even wind turbines.

The folks at General Electric have hired from every massive organization imaginable.  They have found persons for their hiring pool from well-recognized corporate leaders such as Google and Amazon.  They have also hired from well-positioned start-up organizations and from educational institutions.

GE, naturally, is one of many examples.  Point-blank, the mass companies pay cloud experts handsomely and offer many highly attractive benefits.  They offer their candidates an attractive lifestyle along with many benefits.  The best benefit, for many, is that such companies provide their job candidates the opportunity to reinvent global industry.

Regardless, many persons are taken aback as to how quickly compensation for such positions is increasing – such is The magic of Cloud Computing.