Cloud Computing – Reinventing the way Tradies work


If you are a business owner, financial controller or an accounting clerk, then you are more than likely, at the least passively familiar with cloud computing. Nearly all accounting software packages offer a cloud-based option in addition to their “hard copy” software. Cloud systems like Quickbooks Online, Xero and the plethora of add-on programs are leading the way.

The best thing about cloud computing is that you can access the secure cloud servers as well as your data, from virtually any device, in any place.

Cloud computing is very often the best solution for your business needs. Perhaps your business has several locations or has account executives who are not typically in the office. Maybe you’ve got a nasty case of the flu and prefer to stay home – and be productive too.

With your data in the cloud, it is a seamless operation to collaborate with your colleagues in real time, even if you are on opposite sides of the planet. For instance, suppose an account executive is on the other side of the country in Perth, meeting with a potentially huge new client. The deal has been sealed! With cloud computing, your account executive is able to enter all of the relevant data from their hotel room, while you are able to invoice the new client from your office.

Tradespeople, builders, electricians, plumbers and the like are flocking to cloud accounting systems like Quickbooks Online.  The beauty of QBO is that it enables the Tradie to provide a quote or invoice to the client, before they leave the site. You can invoice in real time, helping you to get paid quicker and reduce your debtors.

Gone are the days of hand written quotes, being lost under the front seat of your truck, with food stains from last weeks lunch.

There are so many ways in which cloud computing can make your business more nimble. With the help of the team from Real Balance, implementing a cloud-based solution is not as daunting as it may sound. It is a matter of a thorough review of your current software solution along with a concise and accurate migration of your data onto the cloud.

You will not know how you lived without cloud computing.

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