Dare to Dream

Can you remember the last time that you gave yourself the opportunity to Dream?

I mean really, dream? A moment where you let your imagination run free. A time where you created a sense of peace and allowed your imagination to wander and see “your possibilities”. A compelling vision for the future always starts with this simple, yet elusive activity.

Achieving “creative-freedom” can be challenging, even for people who make a living from being creative. If you feel like this, don’t be alarmed, you are not alone. From our earliest days in school, we have been conditioned to conform, we are told to “follow the rules”, to “stop daydreaming”, or told that “you can’t do that”.

I get it, I do! Being creative is tough.

But dreaming is available to everyone. We all have an innate ability to dream. An ability to close our eyes and simply think about the things you want.

Here are a few things that I do to get in the dream-mode;

  • Create a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed;
  • Remove all disruptive, negative and toxic influences;
  • Close your eyes, slow your breathing and clear your mind;
  • Imagine those things that you want, that would change your life;
  • Eliminate any sense of “logic” or rationality, we’ll deal with that later;
  • Mind Map your thoughts;
  • Allow your imagination to run wild with your thoughts.

If you follow these steps, you will see a change. The most significant change you will see, will be from the people around you. They will see a new-found energy and enthusiasm which they will soon be wrapped up in. They will be inspired to dream. They will learn to “see” opportunities, which will create more opportunities. Your team will be more likely to buy-in to the vision, if they believe in the vision. Your workplace will be more productive because it will be happier with lower levels of stress.

Another reason to dream and develop your vision, is that your next generation of workers will demand that you dream. A distinguishing characteristic of millennial workers is that they want to be part of something, they want to make a difference. They want to be inspired.  Successful organisations understand this and actively look for ways to engage and inspire their younger workers. I would suggest that you do to!

Throughout history, the world’s most successful people in business are and were dreamers, they had a vision and for many they changed the world. You may not think you can change the world but allowing yourself to dream and sharing that dream with others, I guarantee that you will inspire someone to change their world.

Our dream-shifters can help you find your Vision and inspire you to change your world.