Pink Houses Premiere Event

 Lachie refers to these as my “Ted Talks”, so to save some time tonight. Here I go!    Tonight we are about to do, the craziest thing I have ever done, we are about to perform on stage at Lizottes, in a band that had its first rehearsal … 2 months ago today. And it… Read more »

Challenging Times Ahead: A Few Tips to Lead the Way

Well 2020… to think you were going to be a cracker of a year! How wrong we have been … so far! It has been a challenging start to 2020. Bushfires, flooding rains, drought, and now Coronavirus … like, what the hell!! Business owners are facing one of the most volatile periods in recent memory,… Read more »

Options for bookkeepers

Over the years we have had the opportunity to help fellow bookkeepers energise their careers and re-discover a long-lost passion. We have also helped bookkeepers, exit the industry, on their terms and with a little cash on the way out.   Get On, Get Back or Get Off … where are you at?  In our… Read more »

Good luck to the Class of 2019

The following was inspired by my daughter, Abbey and her graduating class-mates who have just completed their Higher School Certificate. It is not intended to be a “must do” list, but a few thoughts and lessons I have learned over the years, that I wish I had been told when I left school. They most… Read more »

TAP – Key Person Risk Management

  Management of key personnel is crucial to the success of all business and small business are especially reliant on key people. We have all worked with “that” person, the one that knows everything about the business and in the event of their departure, they take all that knowledge with them and potentially expose the… Read more »