The Benefits of Recruiting Military Personnel

The importance of leadership in successful businesses

We’ve all had this boss: the supervisor who comes in late every day, doesn’t meet the deadlines they’re responsible for, doesn’t interact with you and the rest of your team, is unorganized, can’t adapt to change, and after all that, leaves early every day!

No one can stand working for that person because they’re mantra isn’t motivating and their work ethic makes it harder for you to get your work done.

Consider the merits of recruiting people who have military experience. Unfortunately, veterans often have a challenging task once they get back to civilian life. One of their greatest hurdles is finding a job. According to Fortune Magazine, 10% of veterans were unemployed in 2013, vs. 6.8% non-veterans. Post 9/11, the unemployment rate for veterans has almost cut in half to 5.8% in 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Veterans are becoming a more integral part of the workplace for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • They will meet deadlines. The military trains folks to adhere to their schedule and achieve the deadlines they commit to.
  • They have great work ethic. Employers are faced with many challenges in the interview process and one of them is gauging one’s worth ethic. A candidate from the military without a doubt will exhibit respect, professionalism, and a sense of urgency, making this obstacle more transparent for the employer and the decision easier to make.
  • They have fantastic communication skills. Many veterans are bi-lingual and even more have traveled across the world and understand how to resolve issues or conflict in atmospheres where the English language may not be the go-to. They understand the impact of their body language and demeanor.
  • They can adapt to change. Businesses have to adapt constantly to the ever-evolving global economy by keeping up with trends and technology. A veteran is trained to think on their toes and react quickly when their environment changes.

The Military mindset is beneficial at all levels of leadership within a business, as well. Imagine the boss that shows up on time, follows through with their commitments, constantly coaches and engages with their team, stays organized and implements change smoothly. Now that’s the boss we’re all looking for.

Leadership and management are very different things, and workplaces need more true leaders. Tell us about your experiences and success stories of employing people with military experience?