Xero and Saasu. Game changer for bookkeepers and small business.


The emergence of cloud-based tools for business are changing the way we go about our business. Cloud-tech is changing the nature of the conversations we are having, changing the nature of the problems we are faced with and most importantly changing the solutions we are recommending for our clients. Small business is now part of the greatest evolutionary change in accounting in more than 20 years.

In our home town in Newcastle, we are finding the demand for specialist Xero Conversion and Xero Migration services is rapidly increasing. Everyday we receive at least one enquiry asking us to assist with the conversion and migration of MYOB data files to Xero.

This demand has been created by the development of innovative cloud-based tools for accounting, point of sale, payroll, project management, logistics, document management and customer relationship management are changing the way we are doing business.  As one of Newcastle’s leading financial control and bookkeeping firms, Real Balance has made the decision to commit our time to staying at the forefront of the development of these tools. Ask your bookkeeper if they are aware of recent developments and emerging trends in Cloud technology. If not, you need to ask yourself, are they are thinking of your best interest in your business!

Clients are demanding more from their bookkeepers and accountants, and some are responding. The emergence of a new breed of tech-savvy bookkeepers and accountants are demonstrating how these  innovative cloud-tools can provide real time, value-added business support rather than traditional data entry services. The tired-old stereotype of the boring accountant is rapidly being replaced with professionals who are leading the way in developing smart businesses, that make the most of all their opportunities and are more profitable.

In recent months we have experienced stunning growth in our Xero migration and Xero conversion services, helping business owners migrate or convert from their existing desktop accounting systems like MYOB and Quickbooks to Xero. We have processed a little over 3,000 transactions having a total value of transactions exceeding $13 million. At Real Balance, we are specialists at converting the most complicated files from MYOB to Xero. Our migration service is approached with a zero tolerance to error and is pre-planned at all stages so there are no surprises and you can hit the ground running with your new data file. We will provide you all the necessary training and support to ensure you make the most of your decision to migrate to Xero or Saasu.

Click this link or call us on 02 4962 2387 and ask us to help you with your crucial decision to move to Xero or Saasu.