Does your business have a cheerleader?

Our clients understand that a great bookkeeper appreciates how hard it is to build a successful business. They must be your most ardent, passionate fans, working with you as a valuable member of your team to achieve this success. If not, remind them not to let the door hit them on the backside as they leave the building.

But, you ask the question, what do cheerleaders and bookkeepers have in common? Take a moment to think about it!

I was watching television last week and saw the 2012 College Cheerleading Championships Final. You may think I have lost my mind, but I saw many similarities between bookkeeping and cheerleading, I am serious – it is time to reach for the pom poms!

Cheerleaders are the greatest, most ardent supporters of “their” team. Rain, hail or shine they are on the sidelines to inspire the fans and support the team, even when all looks lost. Their resolve is unwavering regardless of the result, they are the most passionate supporters.

Cheerleaders are famous for their teamwork and this is never more evident than when they build those amazing human pyramids. These pyramids would be impossible without great teamwork; every person performing a single, crucial role and working together with the same clarity of purpose. That pyramid represents many admired qualities such as trust, teamwork and self-belief; all crucial qualities you should demand from your bookkeeper.

We believe your bookkeeper should be a cheerleader for your business. They should be your biggest fan and your most ardent supporter of your success. Your bookkeeper should celebrate your victories and feel the pain of your losses. They should share your vision and work with you to achieve it.

Similarly, you must be able to rely on your bookkeeper as a valuable member of your team. Whilst they are on “your time” their goals must be aligned with your own, that being the success of your business. They must understand their role and what part they play in your business. If your bookkeeper is not genuinely motivated and driven by your goals, it may be just about time you look for another.