Newcastle, a great place to be a bookkeeper!

Bookkeeping commitment to our clients

Newcastle is vibrant and energetic city that, for the last 20 years has been undergoing a gradual transition from a tough mining town to a vibrant and innovative city. The University of Newcastle, Hunter Medical Research Institute and leading defence and aerospace manufacturers like BA Systems and Newcastle-bred Varley Industries are all contributing to making Newcastle a clever city.

The emergence of a vibrant and innovative tech-community who supported the inaugural DIG Festival is a clear demonstration that Newcastle is a city with big dreams and a vision for the future. The theme of the DIG Festival was “Adapt or Die”, and was focused on embracing the use of new technology and demonstrating how it can be used to “future-ready” their businesses.

Newcastle is also fortunate to have a group of accounting and bookkeeping practitioners that are at the leading edge of cloud computing. Accounting businesses like Growthwise and Inspired Org have led the way in the emergence and acceptance of cloud-based accounting technology such as Xero, Quickbooks Online and the related add-on products.

Client are also demanding more from their bookkeepers and accountants, and some are responding. The emergence of a new breed of tech-savvy bookkeepers and accountants such as those mentioned above are focused on demonstrating to clients, innovative tools that assist with providing real time,value-added business support rather than just traditional transaction based services.

The emergence of cloud-based tools for accounting, point of sale, payroll, project management, logistics, document management, customer relationship management are changing the way we are doing business.  And, your bookkeeper and accountant must be aware of these developments as they occur. Is your bookkeeper and accountant, cloud-savvy?

Is your bookkeeper adding to your business, or dragging it down? Are they adaptable, authentic, aligned, approachable, accountable, ardent and available? Successful businesses need to be matched with successful bookkeepers and business advisers. Are you?