Trust is Good for your Health (Part 5)

In recent years, research has shown that people who have developed deep personal relationships, experience better health. These people generally experience lower blood pressure, lower rates of depression & anxiety, better physiological well-being and they live longer. Trust is not just a buzz word, it delivers real, quantifiable benefits.

There has also been movement in recent years, that encourages people to end “toxic” relationships. These relationships and the stress & anxiety they create are bad for your health and accordingly they are bad for business. Building a successful business, that produces above average returns, year on year, is virtually impossible with a culture that is built on toxic relationships that lack trust.

It is a basic human desire to feel “safe” and “secure” in the workplace. People want to feel that they “belong” and are able to make a “valuable contribution” to the organisation. This need to feel “safe” has taken on a new level of significance for people whose lives are complicated and uncertain. In the next part, we will explore the important role that the workplace currently has to providing this feeling of safety.

The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer has concluded that 58% of Australians don’t trust the government, 60% don’t trust the media 44% don’t trust Non Government Organisations and wait for it, 48% don’t trust business. This is a lot of mis-trust!

Almost half the population do not trust business but as will be demonstrated later, 75% of people trust their employer! As employers, it is evident that our employees have a real desire to feel “safe” in the workplace.

The bottom line is, trust is good for your health and good for business.

Building Trusted Relationships 
“It is hard to trust someone to take responsibility for others when they can barely take responsibility for themselves”.

To nurture a culture of trust, surround yourself with people who “have your back” and are prepared to support you to achieve your goals. Don’t ask what someone is prepared to do for you in the good times, ask them what they are prepared to do for you in the tough times.

Our team is proud to be the first choice for many businesses and have supported them through their toughest times. As a result, a common theme with all our clients is the feeling that the Real Balance team, “have our back, as much if not more than me”, “without question, I trust the Real Balance team” and “we wouldn’t be where we are, without the team from Real Balance”.

We have dedicated ourselves to building strong, trusted relationships with our clients. These relationships have been crucial to our clients success as much as it has to our success. We have consulted with many organisations and teams, to help them improve their “Trust-Edge” and build better businesses that are more profitable and more enjoyable to work at, thereby helping business owners to reach their goals and make all the hours working in the business, worthwhile.