Why it is important, to find your Why.

shutterstock_84343834 Question Mark In 2010, we were introduced to the iconic TED talk by Simon Sinek, “Start with Why, how great leaders inspire action”. Since then, his videos on YouTube have had more than five million views.  If you haven’t watched, click this link, it is 18 minutes well spent.

In essence, Sinek declares that people “don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. He believes that loyal customers are those who are inspired not by what you do, but why you do it. Those customers believe what you believe, they share your values as if they were their own. They build loyal communities of their customers, who generate real value for the business. Popular examples that Sinek refers are Apple and Harley Davidson. Harley is a great example, I mean how many other corporations have a community who are willing to tattoo a corporate logo on their bodies!

What is your Why? Why is it important?

Over the years, we have measured our performance using all manner of financial KPI’s and analytics that are typically used to measure business success. Likewise, we do the same for our clients, no breaking news here,  we are accountants after all. But the purest form of joy is when our clients achieve a personal goal they have worked hard to achieve. It may be a family holiday or an investment property. This is their freedom. This is why we do what we do, to help our clients live their dream.

Our bookkeeping and financial control services are designed to provide our clients with reliable financial information, upon which smart business decisions can be made. Decisions that identify opportunities and ultimately improve their lifestyle. This is Our Freedom.

Understanding our “Why” has changed our business. It has clarified why we do, what we do; who we do it with and what we want to achieve when doing it. Did you get all that?

Our “Why”, has been worded and re-worded over the years. But recently we settled on what our “Why” really means to us. It is this,

       “Freedom, for our people”

We strive to create opportunities for all our people, our clients, colleagues and our staff, to live with the freedom that they aspire. We do this by helping them learn, grow and become better at what they do. We do this not by “punching lots of data”, but by explaining what that data means. We do this by identifying when we are moving closer to their goal and when we need to act if we are moving further away from these goals. We do this by sharing their vision as if it were our own.

Whilst we don’t take credit for all of our client successes, many have our fingerprints all over them, these are the ones that give us the greatest joy.

Now, what is your “Why”? Do you need a hand to find it?