Cloud Services

What is the Cloud?

Cloud Services

Did you realise we are currently experiencing one of the most exciting developments in business? That is, Cloud computing, and Real Balance is right at the frontline.
Cloud computing refers to the provision of computing services from a remote cloud-server that provides software, files and documents to anyone that has shared-access and an internet-enabled device.

The Cloud is not new, Microsoft and Google and agile cloud developers like Xero are revolutionising the way small business operates. Data no longer needs to be stored on expensive, in-house computer systems that require constant maintenance, software upgrades and anti-virus protection. Data can be stored on secure online servers that are regularly backed up and accessible from many locations.

Real Balance will show you how Cloud-based accounting, scheduling, calendars, email, project management and cloud-based file servers can help you create and share information online: making it more convenient and easier for business controllers to make smart business decisions.

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SkydiveHQ: Helping business people take that first leap in the clouds

Real Balance has a specialist team, Our “SkydiveHQ” team support our clients when taking their first leap in the cloud.

That first leap can be scary but we understand how you feel. We have been there too, we took our first leap in 2009. But our experience is your strength and we can lead your way
Cloud-based innovations are changing the way we live and work. News, music and games on demand are part of everyday life. The development of innovative business applications, such as Xero, are helping business people make smarter decisions and improve business performance.

We will assess your operations and identify the best solution for your business. Our implementations are supported with detailed recommendations and thoroughly tested prior to going live.

Take a leap of faith

We don’t take any chances with your first leap in the clouds.

Why business are moving to the Cloud

Business owners are moving to the Cloud for a number of reasons, often very unique and specific to their needs. The following are some of the reasons our clients have been lured to the Cloud.


Most cloud-based systems are easy to navigate and simple to use. Xero’s Dashboard isĀ  a great tool that allows you to view crucial aspects of your business in one place. Our clients love the simplicity of the Xero Dashboard.

Lower Cost

Our clients have experienced first-hand the substantial cost savings that can be realised from not committing large capital outlays on hardware. Most Cloud-based software adopts a user pays systems, whereby subscribers pay a subscription for the software they use. Additional services can be easily added or scaled back as required.

Smart Business Decisions

Real Balance can demonstrate how Cloud systems allow people to share real time data and connect to third party applications that mean you can automate time consuming, repetitive tasks and focus your energy on making smart business decisions.

Natural Disaster and Data Failure Proof

If you have ever been affected by a computer failure or heaven forbid, a natural disaster, you will understand the feeling of despair at losing your business data. Cloud systems provide the peace of mind that you can simply get on with business where ever you have access to an internet connection.

Why cloud applications will continue to grow

  • rapid development of new applications
  • increasing use of smart phones and tablet devices
  • insatiable consumer demand for cloud applications

Business applications for:

  • Accounting
  • Point of Sale
  • Project Management
  • Appointments & Bookings
  • Document Management
  • Customer Relations Management

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