Cloud Migration Repair: Moving to the cloud can be harder than imagined

Cloud computing conceptMoving to the cloud certainly sounds good. All of the applications and programs stored offsite; available to everyone in the company with designated access; plus no more problems with expensive, hard to maintain on site hardware. Your data is now stored securely in the cloud with regular backups. That is the way it should be – but what if it isn’t?

There is an article published 14/8/2015 in InfoWorld by David Linthicum that talks about how to move to the cloud. His point is that this technology is so new that best practices are not established yet and there is a lot of data to move. He cautions that you should have a comprehensive plan before you move, with clearly definable chunks of applications and data that move in steps. Further, think about security and how your applications can be integrated. Last, test performance at each step – that is, it’s the best time to discover and recover from issues.

In the world of cloud-based accounting migrations, such as Xero, MYOB, Intuit’s QBO and Saasu, the biggest mistake is referred in David Linthicum’s article at Step 1, Think Stepwise. Ensure that you carefully plan your migrations and don’t make the mistake of going from 0-100 mph, headlong into a catastrophe.

If you have made the shift and have now discovered that there are issues? There are companies that are expert in cloud migration repair.

Real Balance Business Consulting is one of those. We made our own leap in 2009 and now, you can benefit from our experience. Our SkyDiveHQ team are specialists that help you prepare for that first leap in the cloud, and make it safely with all of your data available and your applications working properly. Make no mistake, moving to the cloud is the way to go. The advantages of lower cost, better backups, the increasingly rapid development of technology suited for use in smart phones and devices, and the security of the data are smart business decisions. But, let us help you make the change properly, with no downtime in service and error-free performance! Contact us for a worry-free shift to the cloud.